Sunday, December 13, 2015

Why I want to go Google

Just like millions of other people around the world (if not billions), I have used Google to search for everything on the internet. It works. However, I have held the opinion that I didn't want to do everything through Google because I didn't want them to have so much control over my life. Besides using Google to search, I have Gmail, love YouTube, prefer Google Maps to Apple Maps, use Google Translate and obviously use their blogging platform here. I have signed parents up with Gmail accounts who didn't have one but needed one for our school services. I use Google for many things but just could not see using more tools. At the same time, I decided to own iPhones and MacBooks, work in an Apple-based school district, and think Apple is the greatest. Talk about taking over the world.

However, recently, I have had a change of heart. Having worked with the iPad now for nearly four years and being a OneDrive/Office 365 district, I have developed serious concerns for using Office 365 and am making the push to switch to GAFE. I made a list of our essential apps (Pages, Numbers, Keynote, iMovie, Explain Everything, and Canvas to name a few) and then determined which ones link with OneDrive for Business and which ones link with Google Drive. At the time, none of these apps integrated directly with OneDrive for Business (as of this writing, Explain Everything has added support for OneDrive for Business but that's it) but all of them had direct integration with Google Drive. I will give credit that you can Open in... OneDrive to get items into the OneDrive app but that's about it. Once the items are in the OneDrive app, it's hard to get them out. In addition, working on a MacBook, the OneDrive sync engine is horrible. There is no sharing capability and the sync is slow. With repeated posts to the OneDrive blog, Microsoft refuses to update their engine for Mac users (Enable SharePoint Doc Libraries Sync via Mac One Drive for Business). In addition, Microsoft has changed their Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps so that they allow editing but that's about it.

So, what does this all mean? I am still in an Office 365 district but am trying to make strides to more into the GAFE world. Trying to work in so many different places and with so many different companies because of the fear that one company will have too much of my life, I have realized that simpler is better. Why not keep my materials in one place? Why not live simpler by going to one source for storage, searching, and productivity? 

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