Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Back in Action

The past couple of months have flown by. I took a break from writing to get through the holidays and then we had a major MacBook deployment in my district. December and January feel like a fleeting thought. A mist in the wind. Those two months were gone before I even knew what was happening. I also took some time to reflect on the past six months of writings and wanted to make sure that I was fulfilling my self-described mission--to write quick bites of information that promote technology in education and share my journey as a technology integration specialist (technology coach). I felt that I was getting a little long winded at times and know that I can do better.

I tried hard to make sure that I had a weekly post and realize that making this a weekly blog doesn't fit life. There are so many opportunities to share snippets of life as a technology coach, ideas and samples or work, tips and tricks, app reviews and thoughts about my journey that I think I could do more. I also know that there are times that life as a dad, husband, community member, and average Joe take precedence and forcing a weekly entry on a certain day may not always work.

So, as A Quick Byte continues on, posts will be less scheduled but more genuine. Thanks to those who have been reading the posts even in my absence and be on the look out for more Quick Bytes of technology in education!

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