Friday, November 7, 2014

Twitter Tips to Keep Your Sanity

I started using Twitter this past spring and had to quickly figure out how to go through so many posts, pictures, articles, links, etc. The more I read, the more people I followed. The more people I followed, the more I tried to read, and the viscous cycle began. I realized I couldn't read it all. Then I thought, "How do these people have the time to constantly post to Twitter?" Did they really sit at the computer all day? Did the not have students to attend to? Real jobs? What's the deal?

Then I discovered some secrets. OK, they really aren't secrets but great tools to keep Twitter flowing smoothly without losing your sanity or your job. Confession: I am not a pro on Twitter and often find myself floundering trying to follow etiquette and do what's right. This is just a short list of what has helped me.

1) Twitter Lists
Twitter has a built-in feature to create lists to whittle down your long list of tweets to read. Putting your favorite tweeters in the list allows you to quickly see what your favorite people are up to. Subscribing to lists lets you use the collective knowledge of others to curate quality material.

2) Hashtags
I know that everyone who is involved in Twitter uses hashtags but it took me a while to realize I could put multiple hashtags in the search field and only those tweets with all the hashtags would appear. #edtech and #ipaded narrows down the people you are reading and focuses in on those two hashtags (for example).

I figured out one way that people appear to tweet all the time. This is a great tool that lets you schedule posts in advance. You can use the built in schedule or create your own and link Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn,, and Google+. With a pro account, you can include even more accounts. Then, using browser plug-ins, the Buffer app itself (the Buffer app is available in the App store, Google Play store or via the web at, or third-party apps that tie to Buffer like TweetCaster, you can buffer your posts to scheduled times. There is also an override to post immediately. Now, I am one of those that posts all week long without having to be on the computer constantly.

4) Reposts
I have learned some of my favorite tweeters actually post the same post multiple times. That way, if you miss it one day, you might see it in your feed another day or time. After all, just following a couple hundred people and/or companies can make your list of tweets extend beyond the normal day's reading.

So, if you are new to Twitter, try these tips and see if it helps you keep your sanity.

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