Saturday, November 22, 2014

A Pictorial History of Computers

I was watching some classic Batman and got thinking about the great tools that Batman had at his disposal. From his Bat Computer (that printed out punch cards!) to his portable Bat Lab, a Bat Swatter, Bat Inspect Bomb, and my favorite--shark repellent.  Don't forget, if you ever wondered what was what, it was all labeled.

Thinking of the classics, and with Thanksgiving coming up this week, I thought I would give thanks to the computer industry as a whole with a look back at some of the history of computers (obviously this is not a complete history but some of my favorite contributions to the computer industry). I remember programming an Apple IIe in computer class in eighth grade and who could forget the original Oregon Trail. I've always been intrigued with computers and computer history. Growing up near IBM land (Endicott, NY) also fed this love of technology. Without the following inventions, would we be where we are today regarding technology?

All image sources are linked in the title of the image.

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