Thursday, October 16, 2014

Creating and Storing iWork Templates on the iPad

I have beat myself up so many times over this scenario:
I create a document or form to use in Pages, Keynote, or Numbers on the iPad. It looks so nice, just the way I like it. A couple weeks go by and I go to use the form. I begin to type and enter data on it and 5 minutes in, UGHHHH! I forgot to make a copy! Undo, undo, undo, undo... more frustration, a few mutterings under my breath and I finally make a copy and get moving again.

Another scenario that I have seen is that you have students sharing a device in class and forget to create multiple copies of a document, form or template before they start entering their information only to have the next student not have a fresh copy! You then copy the previous student's work, open it and delete all their changes to get a fresh copy for the next student. Wasted time...

Has this happened to you? Here is how you can avoid that:
Develop your own templates and store them in a safe location.

Creating your own template:

1) Create your document, form, or template in Pages, Keynote, or Numbers (including giving it a unique name besides Blank 43).
2) With it open, tap the share button (for those not familiar with that term, it is the box with the arrow pointing out of it on the top right side).
3) Choose Send a Copy.
4) Choose the format to keep it in (most likely this will be the form of the app-Pages, Keynote, or Numbers).
5) When asked How to Send, choose iTunes.

You have now saved a document to the iTunes folder on your iPad that won't be ruined by mistake.

To access your file when you need it:

1) Open the App and be on the Documents page.
2) Instead of tapping the big Create Document plus sign, tap the littler plus sign in the top left corner.
3) Choose Copy from iTunes.
4) A list appears of the documents you have stored in iTunes. Be sure to notice when the original was created. Tap the document.
5) The document will create a copy on your documents page located next to the original. You may have to look through your documents to find it because it will post the copy back to the original date.
6) Rename the document and then open and do your work. The original will remain in the iTunes folder until you delete it. If you delete the file from the documents page, it will still be in the iTunes folder.

To delete a file from iTunes:
1) Open the App it was stored in.
2) Tap the little plus sign and choose Copy from iTunes.
3) Swipe the document to the left and then tap on the delete button that appears.
4) Tap cancel to be taken back to your documents page.

Knowing this little trick will save me tons of headaches as I continue to teach and provide professional development on the iPad. Now, all those forms I created for the teachers don't have to be copied over and over again before using them!

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