Thursday, September 18, 2014

Installing Fonts on the iPad (iOS devices)

Since using the iPad, I had been disappointed in the font choices when it comes to creating and working with documents. Not that there aren't enough choices but that it almost always seems to be that the one I want isn't there. You know how it is. You download a great font on your computer but then when you try to work with it on the iPad, it's not there. I never realized how easy it was to add a font that is on my laptop to the iPad until I came across Keith Martin's (@thatkeith) site with an iOS Font Maker. The best part: you don't have to create fonts or jailbreak a device in order to do this! (This was also tested on iOS 8 and it works!)

1) On your laptop, go to Keith's site and download the appropriate file for Mac, Windows, or Linux. This does not load like an application so it will not appear in the launcher on a Mac. You have to save the file on your desktop or another location from the download folder. You can save it to the Applications folder but it will not show up in the launcher. On a PC, it will appear in the download folder or where you save it.

2) Open the file.

3) Name the group of fonts with a single word (no spaces) and then type in your organization (self works if not business related).
4) Choose the fonts you want to install. The default is to select one unless you check the box for multiple fonts. You will want to search for your fonts if you don't know where they are on the computer. Search for .ttf or .otf unless you know the exact name you are looking for. If you wish to package a group of fonts, you can continue this process until you have them all together. The more you can put together, the better. This way, you have less profiles installed on your iPad.

5) Click Generate for iOS and save the file in an easy to access location.

6) Email the file you just made to yourself (using an account that will be on the iPad).

7) Open the email on your iPad and then open the file.

8) When prompted, install the profile.

The font (or fonts) you just installed will now be available wherever you have a choice of fonts on your iPad.

Disclaimer: You should only do this with licensed fonts or those that are truly free. Please be sure to understand the license of the fonts you use.

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fonts     iOS Font Maker     iOS Font Maker Screen     (iOS Font Maker images and site information used with permission)
Candara.mobileconfig and Install photos by me

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