Friday, July 4, 2014

Life Is Better When We Are Connected

I attended my first ISTE conference this week and in a word--WOW! I can't believe the enormity of it all.  Over 16,000 attendees and over 1,000 sessions to attend.  I'm glad that I was able to be part of it.  So many thoughts are going throught my head and so many ideas are swirling in my mind.

To keep with the brevity theme though, I will split my thoughts up into a couple of separate posts over the next few days.

Takeaway #1 Life is better when we are connected!
I read about the Iron Chef competition that was taking place but couldn't get a team together from my district.  So, I went alone hoping to connect with a group or with other individuals.  I ended up working on a great team called the Lunch Bunch.  To have not met them before, they let me in and we developed a winning concept.  We actually won the ISTE 2014 Iron Chef competition.  

Besides the nice prizes, I took away a renewed sense of, and purpose for, connectedness.  From Maryland to Montana and even a closeby South Carolinian, we discussed what teachers and students needed and created a concept that made sense.  We connected on a level that brought technology and the real world together.  Isn't that the goal of a connected classroom?  Isn't that the goal of integrating techhnology into traditional teaching?  As I begin my technology coaching career, I will keep in mind the connectedness that brings us together.  The 1+1 that equals 2.  The way high-tech and low-tech come together to create wonder for student achievement.  We cannot lose sight of the relationships when integrating technology.

Oh, the idea?  We created an app concept around digital citizenship for grades 3-5.  The pitch went so well that some thought it was real.  Maybe one day. 

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