Friday, July 18, 2014

Digital Story-Smashing

I taught a couple of classes this week on digital storytelling and the conversations about what we could do with digital storytelling soon took over the conversation about the apps we were using.  The teachers took the concept and ran with it.  Exactly what I hope for when I present new material to teachers.

We were using Tellagami, Chatterpix Kids, and Story Creator among others and there was concern about the time limit and capabilities tied to the free accounts.  30-seconds, record your own voice, and sharing capabilities all came up. However, as great digital problem solvers do, they began thinking and talking about solutions.  We developed the concept of back to school centers doing their own introductions via Chatterpix Kids.  Imagine the students take their iPads and scan a QR code at the reading corner to have the chair tell them the expectations of the corner.  The same for the puppet center, paper center, pencil sharpener, sink, and so on. (Photo+Chatterpix Kids+Dropbox+Scan and voilĂ !)

Another idea that came up was to create a bigger story by combining smaller clips from Tellagami or Chatterpix Kids into a story book in Story Creator or blend them together in iMovie.  The simplicity of these apps combining with the power of imagination opened up huge opportunities for amazing productivity in the classroom.

The teachers left with great ideas of the students telling the story of the American Revolution, the steps of a science experiment, and even book talks to get students interested in books they might not otherwise read.  I can't wait to see the finished products!

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